DTMC 2021 Online Seminar Series - 3rd seminar - April 1st

The third seminar of the 2021 Seminar Series is planned on April 1st from 16:00-17:15. Prof. Dr. Leanne Hodson of Oxford University will be the keynote speaker. She will be joined by Dr. Joanne Hoogerland of the Institut Pasteur de Lille and UMCG. 

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The seminar will take place on Zoom, via this link

Upcoming seminars:

  • 06-May  Prof. Dr. Antonio Moschetta (Università di Bari, Italy) & Xinwei Chang (MUMC, NL)
  • 03-Jun Prof. Dr. Juleen Zierath (KI, Sweden) & Junior Speaker TBA
  • 09-Sep Prof. Dr. Stephan Herzig (HDC, Germany) & Dr. Dicky Struik (UMCG, NL)
  • 07-Oct Prof. Dr. Shingo Kajimura (UCSF, USA) & Junior Speaker TBA
  • 04-Nov Prof. Dr. Antonio Zorzano (IRB, Spain) & Dr. Anne Gemmink (MUMC, NL)
  • 07-Dec Prof. Dr. Ralph DeBerardinis (UTSW, USA) & Dr. Esther Zaal (UU, NL)