Ewoud van Velzen wins I.M. Kolthoff Award for Best PhD Thesis

On October 13th Ewoud van Velzen  (Unilever, Vlaardingen) received the I.M. Kolthoff Award for his PhD thesis entitled "Nutrikinetics". The I.M. Kolthoff Award was handed out under auspices of the Royal Dutch Chemical Society (KNCV) for best PhD thesis in analytical chemistry over the period 2007-2011. Ewoud's PhD project was carried out under supervision of  Age Smilde,  Johan Westerhuis (University of Amsterdam)  and John van Duynhoven ( Unilever) within the EU Gutsystem project (coordinator Elaine Vaughan,  Unilever) and the Nutrtion and Health theme of the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre. The thesis work was carried out within a (EU-funded) part-time secondment of Ewoud from Unilever to the University of Amsterdam. Within this thesis Ewoud introduced the concept of nutrikinetics and demonstrated it within the context of nutritional metabolomics studies. The  I.M. Kolthoff Award is a recognition of the high quality, novelty and productivity of Ewoud's thesis as well as his demonstrated ability to advance the field of analytical chemistry.