Inaugural speech Metabolomics Peter Lindenburg: van kleine moleculen naar grote mogelijkheden

On April 10th 2019 Peter Lindenburg, professor Metabolomics at Leiden University of Applied Sciences, will hold his inaugural speech Metabolomics: van kleine moleculen naar grote mogelijkheden. In his address(of speech), Peter will discuss: 

  • why metabolomics is important for studying biological processes on a systems level
  • how to apply metabolomics in practice
  • why modern analytical chemistry is the driving force behind metabolomics

The main language at the inaugural speech is Dutch.

Find more information about the program and registration here.

National Symposium Metabolomics in Practice 2019

At the same day, prior to the inaugural speech, you can also join the National Symposium Metabolomics in Practice. By organizing this symposium, the research group Metabolomics aims to provide with a platform where professionals and students can meet and interact.