'Lab on a chip' to revolutionize future healthcare

In a recently published interview on the homepage of the University of Leiden homepage, Dr. Paul Vulto comments on the success of NMC’s high impact paper in the leading microfluidics journal Lab on a Chip. The journal designates innovative liquid handling technology as “primed and ready to revolutionize microfluidics”.

The Netherlands Metabolomics Centre identifies microfluidics as a key-technology in the surge towards personalized medicine. Together with colleagues Dr Heiko van der Linden and Professor Thomas Hankemeier, Vulto is preparing a new phase for microfluidic devices: ‘Here at the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre, we aim for a medical treatment tailored to a person’s individual characteristics and needs. This requires detailed screening of a patient’s biochemical functioning so that the optimal medical treatment can be predicted. Fast and cheap diagnostic Lab-on-a-Chip devices are at the very centre of this personalized medicine concept. People will soon experience personally how Lab-on-a-Chip technology will revolutionize the healthcare system of tomorrow.'

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