Vacancy at Wageningen UR: PhD Chemometric Modelling of Sensory Evaluations (CHEMOSENSE)

Wageningen University & Research is seeking for a highly motivated and ambitious PhD candidate who will study the factors relating the biochemical composition and sensorial perception of specific food products. 

The PhD student shall carry out his/her research within the NWO-funded project “CHEMOSENSE”, in tight collaboration with two other PhD students from the University of Amsterdam and the University of Leiden as well as with two private partners, Unilever and DSM. Within this interdisciplinary project we seek to unravel the intricate relationships between complex molecular food composition and sensorial perception, including taste, aroma, colour and texture. To this purpose both advanced metabolic profiling platforms and novel chemometric approaches will be developed. The PhD student in Wageningen shall concentrate mainly on GC-MS-based approaches complementary to the students in Leiden (LC-MS) and University of Amsterdam (Chemometric modelling and statistics). Through this project all students will gain experience of working in both an academic and industrial environment. The project is supported (0.5 fte) by a technical assistant.

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