Call for proposals using Technology Hotels

ZonMW and ALW have opened a call for projects that want to obtain access to Technology Hotels offered through the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL).

Technology 'Hotels' are technology facilities that actively support other researchers/projects in the application of high-end research technologies in their biology research. Technology hotels typically offer a number of the following capacities: help in the design of complex (increasingly multi-) technology experiments, access to high-end instrumentation, support in data analysis, data integration and/or modelling, up to assistance with the biological interpretation of the experimental data.

Technology hotels offered through the DTL platform each have different expertise. One of the five main expertise fields is Metabolomics, which includes a number of NMC partner groups. 

A portfolio of high-end technology expertise and infrastructures available in DTL’s partner groups is available at the DTL-website:

You can find more information about the call on the ZonMw website: