Opening of the Leiden Metabolomics Facility

The Faculty of Science of Leiden University is pleased to invite the Netherlands Metabolomics community to the festive opening of the Leiden Metabolomics facility on Friday April 17th. The facility is a joint collaboration between the Biomedical Metabolomics Facility Leiden of the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research and the Natural Products Lab of the Leiden Institute of Biology. The facilty will be opened by Mr. Henri Lenferink, Mayor of Leiden.

A mini-symposium will be organised on the occasion of the opening of the facility. Speakers include Dick Weinshilboum, Professor of Pharmacology at Mayo Clinic and Rima Kaddurah-Daouk, Associate professor of Pharmacometabolomics and Psychiatry at Duke University. During the lunch and drinks the facility can be visited.

For programme and registration: