€ 17 million for Netherlands X-omics Research Infrastructure

As part of the Netherlands Large Scale Research Infrastructure Roadmap, the Netherlands X-omics (pronounce as cross-omics) initiative has been awarded a € 17 mln (USD 20 million) Infrastructure grant over a 5 year period, which is matched by similar investments from all parties involved. In the X-omics initiative the leading researchers in Metabolomics (Thomas Hankemeier, Leiden University), Proteomics (Albert Heck, Utrecht University), Genomics (Edwin Cuppen UMC Utrecht) and bio-informatics (Alain van Gool, Radboud UMC) are working together.

Alain van Gool “We are going to expand the capabilities of the individual omics technologies, to improve sensitivity, coverage and quality. We will work towards smaller sample volume, larger sample numbers and reduced costs. In addition, we will put strong emphasis on integration of omics data, to study the interplay and dynamics between genes, proteins and metabolites. Currently genomics, proteomics and metabolomics are different worlds, which rarely are studied in an integral fashion. This initiative will enable us to integrate all data available at all molecular levels, and to carry out complex and dynamic analyses on the way cells and tissues function as systems. Based on this knowledge we will better understand the interplay between the building blocks of life.”


Thomas Hankemeier “We will develop three demonstrators, to showcase the newly developed capabilities of the X-omics initiative”. In cells and organoids Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute) and René Bernards (Netherlands Cancer Institute) are studying how resistance of cancer medicines develops. In individual patients Mihai Netea and Han Brunner (Radboud UMC) will research interindividual differences in rare diseases and at a population level Cornelia van Duijn (Erasmus MC) and Cisca Wijmenga (Groningen University) will study the genetic variations in the Netherlands’ population. More information and a video is available on: www.x-omics.nl