Mid Term Review: final report

Attached, you will find the final report of the Mid-Term Review Committee.

Scope of the review
The Mid-Term Review Committee of the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre is an
independent body that has been approved as such by the Netherlands Genomics
Initiative (NGI) to evaluate the activities and research of the Netherlands Metabolomics
Centre. This assessment covers the activities and the research in the years 2008-2010.
The Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP) 2009-2015 was used as a guideline.
On the basis of the business plan, progress reports, output tables, other relevant
information and interviews with representatives from the Centre, the Committee’s tasks
were to:
• Assess the overall quality of the Centre and its constituent research programmes;
• Make recommendations.
Structure of this report
Chapter 1 describes the activities of the Committee, its composition and its working
methods. Chapter 2 contains the assessment of the Centre as an organisation.
Chapter 3 contains the assessment of individual themes of the NMC. The appendices
include Curricula Vitae of the Committee members, a statement of independence, an
overview of the scores, and the Committee meeting schedule