Microfluidics meets Bioscience; afternoon symposium & Life Science Cafe on January 12, 2012

Microfluidics is the science of handling and processing extremely small liquid volumes. Massive parallel operations allow tremendous upscaling of the number of data points per run, while miniaturization enables cost reduction and automation of sample prep leads to time reduction. Microfluidic progress is strongly intertwined with progress in bio-science, as no other field is making such fast progress and is in continuous need of new innovative technologies. This is exemplified by leading companies such as Fluidigm and Caliper Lifesciences.

The Netherlands is a pioneer in the microfluidics arena and the Leiden Bioscience Park is the heart of bioscience business in the Netherlands. This meeting aims to build bridges between the two communities. Together we will define today’s technology challenges and application requirements in order to create a roadmap for the future. Both communities have a lot to offer to one another and we are therefore looking forward to creative discussions and constructive networking.

Location: Auditorium Pharming, Darwinweg 24, Leiden

Registration: http:bit.ly/sINYB5

Contact: Loes Beijersbergen: beijs_l@lacdr.leidenuniv.nl