NCSB workshop for Young Investigators in Systems Biology (YISB) Arnhem, Papendal, March 1-2, 2012

NCSB workshop for Young Investigators in Systems Biology (YISB)

Dates:               2012 March 01-02 (Thursday-Friday)

Venue:              Papendal, Papendallaan 3, 6816VD Arnhem (


Registration: (free of charge)


YISB is organising a workshop to help young systems biologists bridge the communication gap that often exists in systems biology. Mathematicians want loads of data, time series, etc., but they don't know why it's hard to obtain this data. Biologists want a complete mathematical model which includes anything they have observed experimentally, but they don't see why it's hard to include anything. Therefore, we will shortly introduce mathematical modelling to biologists and biology to mathematicians, and we show a case study illustrating how these fields can complement each other. We'll also focus on how to communicate your research to people outside your field. What details should you discuss, and which do you leave out?


When we understand the other world a little bit better, it's time to start communicating. Not just communicating anything, you will be communicating your research with the other participants. You can present a specific research question from your research and discuss it with both biologists and mathematicians.