DTL Workshop


Workshop on cross technology

Friday June 1st, the Dutch Tech Centre for Life Sciences (DTL) organized a workshop with representatives from key Life Sciences technologies: sequencing, proteomics, metabolomics, bioimaging, data integration and stewardship (bioinformatics, systems biology and e-science). It was a real WORK shop where the invited participants discussed what infrastructure, expertise, organisation and funding are required to successfully run cross technology projects. The discussions were centred on case studies, such as an integrated biology approach for cancer treatment and an enabling technology platform for plants.

The case studies and the “slow-dating” lunch offered ample opportunities for “cross-technology encounters”. That way, the workshop was also a first event to meet each other and build on the DTL community. If you also want participate in or follow DTL, you can visit the DTL website (http://www.dtls.nl), join the group on LinkedIn or follow DTL on Twitter (#DTL_nl).