Metabolic network reconstructed

A reconstruction of the human metabolic network has been published as “Recon 2” in Nature Biotechnology. The reconstruction is a community effort of a large group of researchers including metabolomics researcher from the Netherlands. The reconstruction has resulted in a lot of attention for metabolomics research in the national press, including an article in the Volkskrant in which Thomas Hankemeier, director of NMC, is cited. Also the TV-show "Pauw&Witteman" discussed the topic.

Metabolism is becoming increasingly recognized as being integral to health and is involved in much of human disease. Multiple models of human metabolism have been reconstructed and used for various biomedical applications, but each represents only a subset of our knowledge. A high-quality metabolic network reconstruction is thus of interest to the community of researchers focused on the systems biology of metabolism.

The metabolic information of Recon 2 will facilitate many future biomedical studies and is freely available at: