PMG: Multi-core metabolite identification

Distributed computing has been considered for decades as a promising way of speeding up software execution, resulting in a valuable collection of safe and efficient concurrent algorithms. With the pervasion of multi-core processors, parallelization has moved to the center of attention with new challenges, especially regarding scalability to tens or even hundreds of parallel cores. In this paper, we present a scalable multi-core tool for the metabolomics community. This tool addresses the problem of metabolite identification which is currently a bottleneck in metabolomics pipeline.

M.M. Jaghoori, S.-S.T.Q. Jongmans, F. de Boer, J.E. Peironcely, J.-L. Faulond, T.H. Reijmers, T. Hankemeier
2013; 299: 53-60
Published in: 
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science
Date of publication: 
December, 2013
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