LC-MS-SPE-NMR for the isolation and characterization of neo-clerodane diterpenoids from Teucrium luteum subsp. flavovirens (perpendicular)

neo-Clerodane diterpenes of plant origin are molecules difficult to monitor due to their nonspecific UV/vis absorption. The present work describes for the first time the application of the LC-MS-SPE-NMR technique for the isolation and characterization of three new neo-clerodane diterpenes, 3beta-hydroxyteucroxylepin and teuluteumin A and teuluteumin B, from Teucrium luteum subsp. flavovirens, harvested from two different locations.


A. Castro, S. Moco, J. Coll, J.J.M. Vervoort
Authors from the NMC: 
2010; 73 (5): 962-965
Published in: 
Journal of Natural Products
Date of publication: 
May, 2010
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