First Metabolomics & the Microbiome meeting

On September 22, 2022 the first edition of Metabolomics & the Microbiome took place and was greatly organized at DSM, Delft in the Netherlands. 
The meeting was opened by Patricia Malarkey, Chief Science Officer of DSM. More than 75 passionated academic and industrial scientists from the Benelux
met at DSM in Delft the Netherlands to discuss, exchange ideas, network and enjoy the great line-up of international academic and industry speakers working on the very
forefront of Metabolomics and Microbiome science. With this meeting we set the scene and initiated a broader discussion on how metabolomics can contribute answering complex biological questions in microbiome research and in monitoring health, focussing on mammalian health. 
Special thanks to DSM CSO Trish Malarkey for opening and presenting at the event, and thought leaders in this field Thomas Hankemeier, John Rawls, 
Henrik Munch Roager, Jon Swann, Ghislain Schyns, Adriana Carvalho de Souza, Guus Roeselers and many others for fantastic discussions - which shaped the future roadmap in the field. 

John Rawls, Duke University of Medicine, USA
Henrik Munch Roager, University of Copenhagen, DK
Jonathan Swann, Imperial College London, UK
Sebastian Tims, Danone Nutricia Research, NL
Thomas Hankemeier, Leiden University, NL
Frank Xu, DSM, USA

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