Seminar on NMR-based metabolomics

Report on Benelux Online Seminars 2023

The "Benelux Metabolomics seminars" 2023 opened with an online seminar on NMR-based metabolomics hosted by our new NMC chairwoman Adriana Carvalho de Souza in collaboration with Sofia Moco from YoungNMC committee.
Three speakers highlighted different applications within the NMR metabolomics field: David Wishart show-cased his latest developments in NMR databases and innovative tools in spectral deconvolution and prediction. (link to MAGMET, Link to publication and the working link to the website) Jean-Luc Wolfender showed how integration of LC-MS with NMR and molecular networking can be an effective strategy for metabolite identification in complex plant extracts. And Adriana Carvalho de Souza presented on the latest automation in flow injection NMR in the analysis of fermentation broths and food samples.