Not just a grain of rice: the quest for quality

A better understanding of the factors that contribute to the overall grain quality of rice (Oryza sativa) will lay the foundation for developing new breeding and selection strategies for combining high quality, with high yield. This is necessary to meet the growing global demand for high quality rice while offering producing countries additional opportunities for generating higher export revenues. Several recent developments in genetics, genomics, metabolomics and phenomics are enhancing our understanding of the pathways that determine several quality traits. New research strategies, as well as access to the draft of the rice genome, will not only advance our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that lead to quality rice but will also pave the way for efficient and targeted grain improvement.


M.A. Fitzgerald, S.R. McCouch, R.D. Hall
Authors from the NMC: 
Publication data (text): 
2009; 14 (3):133-139
Published in: 
Trends In Plant Science
Date of publication: 
February, 2009
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Centre for BioSystems Genomics